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Living in beautiful San Luis Obispo gives me the privilege of being able to perform music regularly for weddings, parties, and other life-celebrating events hosted at gorgeous venues around the Central Coast. My Classical Guitar and mandolin takes me from wonderful wine and food events to joyous wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours. I am very happy to call this town my home and this region my playground. With these following blog posts, I hope to share some of my knowledge and thoughts about guitar, mandolin, music, and the Central Coast with guitar aficionados and music lovers around the world. Hopefully, I will help a struggling student or inspire an amateur musician along the way. With that in mind, I bid the world hello, and offer this first though about learning music: Music from all over the world and throughout history has always started with our most basic instrument unique to humans…the human voice. Instrumental music and other forms grow out of the tradition of using the voice to produce music. Use this thought as a basis for learning how to play and listen to music and you will go far.